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Completing refurbishments accross the UK for a variety of clients. This includes, new ceilings, plastering, electrics, kitchens etc

Refurbishment services involve upgrading or improving an existing building or property, typically for the purpose of increasing its value or making it more functional.


These services can range from minor repairs to complete renovations and may include structural changes, cosmetic updates, and the installation of new equipment or systems. Refurbishment services can be utilized for a variety of properties, including commercial and residential buildings, as well as industrial facilities.


We provide  refurbishment services is to improve the property's functionality, aesthetics, and overall value while minimizing costs and maximizing returns. To achieve this, refurbishment service providers must work closely with property owners to identify their needs and develop a comprehensive plan that addresses those needs while staying within budget constraints

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Kinetic Business Centre

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t: 01707 527297


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